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This week at school, we have been remembering those in wars who died for us. We have had lots of assemblies about it and have shared lots of prayers. Also, we have sold lots of poppies to a variety of the school . On Monday (remembrance day ) our head girls and boys are going to the memorial stand in Walmley and laying down a reef. Please wear a poppy, and remember them .

Pop art

The past few weeks in IPC in Year 6 have been focused on the topic of Pop art, due to our topic of Artists impressions of the world. We have been looking at the works of Andy Warhol, and his use of colours and repitition. Now, we are creating our own pieces of art work on a t-shirt. We had to pick something that was popular and personal to you. I picked creme egg since I really enjoy them . Other examples were Warbutons bread, funky monkey, Om-nom from cut the rope, a song note and a dollar bill sign. Tomorrow we have to make 4 replica’s of this and put it on a t-shirt. I cant wait to do it , it will be so much fun !

Unluckiest boy! :)

Hello fellow friends, Fred Figglehorn here! As some of you may or may not know i’m the unluckiest kid in the class.People say i’m the unluckiest kid in the whole school! ūüėČ
I’m very excited! I’m going to be on nickelodeon! If you watch it you’ll see me at my camp! Its called camp iwannapeepee! You’ll love the show ūüôā
If you’ve ever wanted to see Kevin (My enemy), watch the show! Even better‚Ķ If you’ve ever wanted to see me‚Ķ Watch it! Anyway, yesterday I was invited to a birthday party, turns out it was fake! So upset!:(
4 weeks ago…
My mom, the hippy, was drinking (As usual) and she went all loopy! Then she started to play MY saxophone! :)So annoyed! :o)! I wonder why out of all of my instruments she chose the saxophone! Maybe because she used to play it? Maybe it just a romantic instrument? Maybe she was just crazy enough to chose it!
1 week ago…
My friend , Roger, heard that this girl called lbrindley loved my blog so I want to say hi to her! Hello earthling lbrindley!
If any of you earthlings want me to give a shout out give me your initials and I will give you a spotlight on the blog so please comment your initials and a question about me and I will give you a shout out! ūüôā
Now‚Ķ ūüôā
I was on The Blue Peter Website and I made my own jelly worms! I suggest you go onto The Blue Peter and create those jelly worms! They taste amazing! ūüôā
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The human race is about be wiped out by a tasty, pink treat!

they may be cute and very sweet!

but they’re deadly and smell like feet!

they will steal your phone and go on your twitter and start to tweet!

strangely the one way to get rid of these monkey is to put fire in their faces because they really hate the heat!

however¬†don’t¬†play¬†yours songs because they love the beat!



On Wednesday the 13th of¬† November a team of 7 travelled to Bishop Walsh Catholic school, to compete in a Girls’ football tornament. The tornament consisted of 8 teams , us , Banner Gate, New Oscott, Town , Maney Hill, Hawthorn, St.Nicholas amd another team. Our first match was against Hawthorn , whom we beat 2-0. 6 matches later we had another match against Bannner ate who we drawed with 1-1. Then lastly we had a match against town who we beat 5-0. We then competed against Banner Gate for 1st gate , it was nerve-racking however luckily we beat them 2-1. Which entitled us first place. Shortly-after we found out we were straight through to the finals with the teams that came 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at Sutton College. I can’t wait !!!!


Well done Girls’ football team !

crab cakes :()

People always say crab cakes when there upset

but I don’t think that’s fair because I have a crab for a pet

his name is cake

my granddad wants him to be baked

but the day after he said that my crab was not there

I wonder were he went,maybe he got scared

I miss my crab cake!!!!! ūüôĀ

swimming cats

ever heard of the doggy paddle ?

but for cats it’s more like kitty waddle

because I know a breed of cats that love to swim

luckily it has some gills on their chin

it is really strange

I think these cats are insane!


Scrambeling up the towerng tree, Milkshake Monkey swung from branch to branch. The leaves rustled and the wind whistled wildly blowing Milkys furr with it. He kept climbing, eventually he reached the top.Neally knocking the tree down he found all the bananas he could find. Doing all that hard work Milkshake Monkey swung back down loseing afew bananas on the way. After treking back from a hard day at hunting.  Milky finally returned home.

Finally the 24th August had arrived!i was on holiday with my family and freinds in Dominican republic .I went to a place called the world Cafe where we had breackfast.
Today I was going on a trip,I was very excited,and so was everyone else.We went to the main entrance where¬† we waited for a coach to pick us up. At last we had arrived. We all got on the imaculate coach and the genorous driver gave us a delicious sweet. I often get travel sick, which really upsets me, but today I didn’t.
Eventually had arrived. The second I put my foot in the sea I was very excited to swim with them.Mum,who loves dolphins ,is scared of fish.As the dolphins started to do the trickswe started to dance with them and also kiss them. It was so fun. The dolphins felt so rubbery. I learnt a lot from them and it was a great experience. Did you know that they shed their skin every 2 hours?

Late at night the Zambo and Zamba roamed the streets with their precious knife that they found with a murdered victim. Little did they know that there were more of these knives that were still left to be found. They strolled down the forgotten alley and found another victim with a knife laying next to them. They reported to the police office imedeitlyto show to the head poice.

“What are you doing here then Zamo and Zamba!” acused the police

“We found another murdered¬†victim and another one of those knives laying next to them!” They exclaimed

The head police reacted emidietly and asked us where the knife was and they had left back at the forgotten alley and they forgot to pick it up, however the knife may still be there, but may not. They drove back to the forgotten alley to pick up the knife and to see who the victim was. The victim before was millionare Jhon Cleve who made his fortune from selling cat food. As soon as they got to the murder place and shone a torch on the victim it was the president of the U.S.A!

They knew that the murderer was only killing the people with the money. And there it still was the knfe laying next to him! They took the knife back to the police station to get it checked out and see if any fingerprints were attached. No fingerprints were found so they focused on telling everyone that the prime minister got killed, although he was famous many people would not care and just vote for a new one. Some  of the people who really liked the prime minister will attend a meeting so the police can tell his friends and family and people he worked with, to sort a funeral out.



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